Battlefield 3 fault line gameplay footage–get that wire cut

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Battlefield 3 is lining itself up to possibly be the first real challenge Activision has faced to their Call of Duty series. So much so that EA have also decided to release Battlefield 3 on the 2nd of November to go head to head with Call of Duty on the… retail battlefield.

While I think they are taking more of a risk than required since the 2 could live quite happily side by side I do think they have a slim chance of winning.

Take a look at this recently released Battlefield 3 footage that shows us crawling through some air ducts following a wire from outside that we suspect to be linked to an explosive device on the road.

The graphics, sounds and shear amount of action that occurs on screen towards the end is awe inspiring and if they can keep that level of detail going in the final build it is going to be really difficult for Modern Warfare 3 to keep it’s crown this holiday season.

I do wonder if Vince West and Jason Zampella have anything at all to do with this title.

Last Updated: April 4, 2011

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