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Battlefield 3 PC Reviews Go Live – We Round 'Em Up

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Battlefield 3 releases this Friday in our region and Tuesday in the United States and while the reviews have gone live worldwide, one must feel a bit of concern that only the PC reviews were allowed to go live.

Seems like maybe someone is a little scared that their game isn’t going to be quite as well accepted as they anticipated, well, especially on consoles. Hit the jump to see what critics are saying.

Well, if you had high hopes for the game, you shouldn’t be too worried as the current score on MetaCritic is sitting at a very pretty 93/100 although at the time of writing, this score is based on only 13 critics, with the highest score being a 100/100 (there always has to be at least one) and the lowest being an 80/100.

The long and the short of it is… great multiplayer, forgettable single-player. Pretty surprising considering that they looked like they were really trying hard to punt the single-player experience this time around.

Here’s the scores so far:

GameSpy – 100
AusGamers – 98
Meristation – 95
Game Informer – 95
BigPond GameArena – 95  
GameStar – 93
SpazioGames – 93
3DJeugos – 93
GameTrailers – 92
Everyeye.it – 92
1UP – 91
IGN – 90
Joystiq – 90
Gamereactor Sweden – 80

So then, seems pretty impressive but as I mentioned before almost every review seems to praise the heck out of the multiplayer and then call the single player nothing special, so… if you were thinking to buy it for single-player alone, then you may want to think again. To be fair, this is Battlefield though… known for its multiplayer, so if that’s what you are after, it looks like a lot of win.

Do remember though, that this is PC only, so console gamers will have to wait for the suspiciously late reviews later this week.

Last Updated: October 24, 2011

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