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Battlefield 3 Premium trailer leaked

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It's Premium baby

EA were so close, their press conference is literally hours away but  last week already one of their biggest announcements had been leaked – Battlefield Premium.

I hope they have better announcements still to come as this isn’t that exciting.

[Update] EA’s removed the video but we’ve found another – If it disappears again, you can still see it over at Kotaku

According to a leaked trailer and that leaked fact sheet we posted last week,  the Battlefield 3 Premium service is simply going to be a season pass for Battlefield 3 along with some extra in game goodies.

So all in all it’s business as usual for season passes except for that one little bullet point above that sends cold shivers down my spine.

Server queue priority

So if you are struggling to find games online in Battlefield 3 then simply pay an extra R430, over and above the price of the game, and you can get fast tracked into online games.

This is a horrible turn of events and if it’s accepted will start being picked up by every other online developer.

It looks like EA are doing their best to recover their title of being the most hated developer and yet Battlefield 3 has garnered such a cult gathering that I have no doubt this move will be defended and fanboys’ blind loyalty to brands that don’t give back is going to thrust us into a horrible cycle of double paying for games moving forward.

Playing BF3 online is now going to cost your the price of the game, online connection, Xbox Live sub (or PSN+ sub) and now an extra fee to the developers for no real apparent reason.

Who’s excited?

Last Updated: June 4, 2012

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