Battlefield 4 announcement trailer

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[Update] The full 17 minute reveal trailer has now been released, check it out here

Earlier this evening in a secret location in America, okay it was at GDC but secret sounds better, a select group of top end individuals were treated to a 15 minute Battlefield 4 trailer. That trailer isn’t going to be live for another couple of hours but we do have something else for you.

After some intensive investigation we have found a Battlefield 4 announcement trailer, the same one that is being taken down across the net in record speed so if you want to watch it I’d recommend doing it right now.

This video comes courtesy of so don’t ask us to take it down as we aren’t hosting it…

It’s low res but judging from the tweets coming out of GDC don’t let that fool you.

Apparently Battlefield 4 is going to be a next gen, massive open world title that is going to set the new benchmark for FPS titles and may be the title that finally dethrones Call of Duty.

Last Updated: March 27, 2013

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