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Battlefield 4 on consoles requires “compromises”

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The “next generation” hasn’t even started yet, and already it seems that games on the new consoles just won’t be able to compare to their PC counterparts.

That’s according to DICE, who says that they’ve had to make a few compromises to get Battlefield 4 up to spec on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Speaking to Videogamer, Battlefield executive producer Patrick Bach says that DICE is  “doing as much as [it] can” with the next-gen versions, “but we need to compromise in some places”.

The reason for that, which should make those smug PC elitists even more smug is that  “from a CPU/GPU perspective, no, [PS4 & Xbox One cannot match PC].

“PC will always be… You can just add more to a PC. There’s always more. The game supports to a big extent better hardware, but not completely, so it won’t be night and day.”

So if you were hoping that the next gen consoles would knock the master race off its perch for a bit, you’re likely to end up disappointed.  Still, console gamers won’t be getting a terribly experience; at its core, Battlefield 4 on consoles will be the same game. Just slightly less shiny.

“I think the cool thing that we are extremely excited about is that you will, for the first time, get a full Battlefield experience on a console,” he adds. “It’s the same core, it’s the same game, it’s the same feature set, there’s nothing left out, so to speak. But there’s also the 64 players, 60FPS experience that you haven’t really seen on a console previously which will move it up a big notch and eliminate some of the gap between PC and console.

“Then it’s more of a question on graphical fidelity, graphical detail and stuff like that. But then on the other hand, [PS4 & Xbox One] have some cool features that [benefit] it being a console game. You know, how Battlelog is integrated into the game in a much better way, you have the second screen features, you have the whole friends network which is super nifty on the consoles, and stuff like that.”

Battlefield 4 is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on November 1 – with a “next gen” release available later.

Last Updated: August 28, 2013

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