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I told you yesterday that 4 months on and Battlefield 4 was still – for many – quite a buggy experience. DICE said that fixing it all was a top priority The game’s getting some decent patching today – though none of it really affects any of the problems outlined there.  Here’s a list of what’s being fixed on PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360 today. 

March 4 Game Update Notes

  • Several crash fixes and stability improvements
  • Various improvements for Spectator Mode
  • Tweaked timing for how long the killfeed stays on screen
  • Fixed an issue where the message "Joining Server" sometimes didn’t appear when the user tried to join the server
  • Added default player slots to server browser filters
  • Fix for an issue on Silk Road where players could deform the terrain to create a big, water-filled hole
  • Fix for a bug that occurred with the end-of-round camera if the player was in the bomber in China Rising
  • Fix for an issue on Rogue Transmission where it was impossible to capture a flag while riding the quad bike
  • Prevented players from interacting with an M-Com on Siege of Shanghai after it had been destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where audio for disarming M-Coms could get stuck in an infinite loop
  • Added minimap details for missing carriers in Rush on Paracel Storm and Hainan Resort
  • Fix for an exploit that would allow players to shoot two tank shells with not enough delay between shots
  • Removed a bug where squads would get split up when transitioning between Conquest and Air Superiority
  • Fixed an issue where Defuse could get stuck in an unplayable state between rounds
  • Removed a bug that would cause players to sometimes get stuck in the killcam after having been killed
  • Fixed an issue with revive icon not being greyed out in-game on map and minimap, when the player died after getting revived in Defuse
  • General improvements and bug fixes for the Battledash and Mission create screens
  • Fixed a bug where red laser dots would get stuck on textures
  • Zoom dispersion fix. When zooming in while firing the dispersion did not lower to the new max value
  • Fixed a bug where the enemy health always displayed as full in the kill-cam
  • Fixed an issue in Defuse so killed bomb carrier can’t plant a bomb in the next round without picking up a new bomb
  • The MAV has been updated to prevent players from exploiting it
  • Improved repair rates for vehicles with different base healths
  • Tweaked volume balance and other ambience parameters on the majority of base game and China Rising maps
  • Improved the track vehicles wheel friction so vehicles don’t get stuck at relatively minor hills
  • Fixed an issue with faulty zoom levels that occurred when using click to zoom in. While sprinting and zooming, will mess up the zoom levels, from hip to zoom.
  • Improved boat physics and handling, including implementation of a system that lets players push stuck boats back in the water

Weapon tweaks

  • The SRS bolt action time has been tweaked and the rate of fire has been lowered
  • The GOL bolt action time has been tweaked
  • The muzzle velocity for the MP7 has been reduced
  • The MTAR21 muzzle velocity has been reduced
  • Updated the handling of the 1x scopes for Type95B1, A91, SteyrAug, SAR21, QBZ951, FAMAS, UTAS, MTAR, L85A2 and F2000
  • Updated rate of fire for the RGP7 and NLAW

That is an awful lot of patching, that doesn’t even fix many of the problems that people are still experiencing with the game. When it works, it’s actually a pretty damned good multiplayer shooter – but it honestly shouldn’t have been released in the state it was in October. And now, 4 months later, it shouldn’t still be in the sorry state it’s in.

It’s not broken – but it’s certainly not bug free. For many, who’ve not encountered a BF4 or crash, this all seems like silly whining – but for those who’ve had the game eat their saves, lose their unlocks or kill their entire families in a murderous rage,  Battlefield 4’s bugs are serious business.

Naysayers. I, however, have enjoyed my time with the Battlefield 4 Beta, and I’m really looking forward to Battlefield 4’s actual release.

Last Updated: March 5, 2014

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