Battlefield: Bad Companies first weeks sales

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The latest hardware and software sales have been published by VGChartz which I was about to report on until I spotted the sales figures for Battlefield Bad Company…

First lets post the hardware sales…

Wii – 502k (wow)
DS  – 419k
PSP- 198k (Third spot.. not bad)
PS3 – 158k
360 – 130k

So another huge week for the Wii… Anyway back to those Battlefield sales.

After the first week Battlefield has sold over 470 000 units, which is pretty impressive. What is really impressive though is that the Xbox 360 version counts for 332k of those sales… Outstripping the PS3 version 2.5:1…. I can see Microsoft using that in a press statement soon enough.

However Sony will be very happy with the MGS4 sales, this week it topped over 2 million sales.. That is way more than I expected it to move in only 3 weeks.

Oh and GTAIV is about to break 10 million in combined sales…

Source: vgchartz

Last Updated: July 3, 2008

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