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Battlefield: Bad Company Single-Player Impressions

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Your going to need the radar

Ever since that Kane & Lynch episode I have been loathe to actually use GameSpot for anything but oddly enough they seem to be one of the only guys who have managed to get a lot of preview code out of EA Games…

And one of my most anticipated titles this year is coming from EA Games, there is also no EA Games advertising on the GameSpot site at the moment so I think it’s safe….

For me Battlefield: Bad Company was always going to be a purely multi-player game with some dodgy story on the side to try and palm it off as a single player as well, however it seems that EA have put quite a lot of effort into the single player campaign as well and that it may well be worth re-looking at.

What really did intrigue me is that it sounds like the levels are huge and there is no set path that you have to follow to complete them, in fact the level that was previewed by GameSpot had a river running through it so they all decided to jump on a boat and take a short cut.

Cutting the level in half and missing a lot of the gold but staying alive… I guess it all depends on what type of a gamer you are… I see myself as a hunter, I strive to get to the end of a level. My wife is a gatherer she is the one that won’t finish a level until every tiny little item has been collected.

The other nice feature of this game is the health bar, they have strayed away from the Halo type health regeneration and have instead given you an adrenalin injection that recharges itself every 20 seconds… Still not quite like the old school Quake games but slightly more realistic than Gears or Call of Duty…

I cannot wait for this game to be released, we haven’t been given a solid date locally yet but it is expected to hit Europe on the 23rd of June and I can’t see why we will not be to far behind.

Battlefield: Bad Company Single-Player Impressions – PlayStation 3 News at GameSpot

Last Updated: May 15, 2008

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