Battlefield: Bad Company

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So I was at the EA Games offices in Fourways the other day having a chat about their upcoming games. Specifically Army of Two which is on my must have list.

Anyway we got to talking about Battlefield: Bad Company which I have been very interested in but I was under the impression that we wouldn’t be seeing it until around June, however it seems that Battlefield: Bad Company is coming out before Army of Two here.

So you thought shooting through walls with a sniper rifle in COD 4 was cool, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Battlefield: Bad Company has about 90% destructive environments and you can blow through just about anything. I can’t wait to see what the stages will look like after a huge mutli-player game.

The video above seems to be from the training stages and the one below is some actual gameplay from a couple of months ago.

Battlefield: Bad Company is planned for March 2008… yeah which means Army of Two isn’t landing until the first week of April… 2008 is going to be yet another expensive year.

Last Updated: January 12, 2008

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