Battlefield Hardline at Gamescom

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When you’re at a convention like Gamescom in some sort of capacity as press – particularly when you’re there with a small team – your time is rather limited. You have three days to see and do as much as you possibly can, before buggering off. So it stings  when your time is essentially wasted – by late appointments, unnecessarily long queues or  the worst offender; showing exactly what we’ve seen before. Such was the case with EA’s Battlefield: Hardline.

I stood in a queue for over an hour to catch a glimpse of Battlefield’s Hardline at EA’s behind-closed doors session. I was hoping perhaps to get some hands on with the single player, or even a look at the newly announced rescue mode – which sounds for all the world like Counter Strike.

Instead, it was just a sit down and a trailer. at least they’d be showing new stuff, right? Nope. It was pretty much exactly the same as the single player campaign’s gameplay trailer that we saw from EA’s conference. Thankfully though, Battlefield Hardline’s single player campaign actually looks like it’ll be pretty good. Sporting a darker aesthetic, and slower slightly more methodical bit of gameplay. it borrows quite heavily from Far Cry – with a scanner that allows players to mark targets and sneak bout, picking them off one by one.. That’s if they prefer the stealthy approach, of course. The game allows for pathed playing.

The option exists for players to go in guns blazing, all Shooty McShooterperson – but that strikes me as the far more mundane, boring option, to be honest. The demo in question, we’re told, takes place about half way through the game – which sees Miami cop Nick Mendoza travel cross country to Los Angeles in a series of misadventures that see him straddle the good cop/bad cop line. It takes its inspiration from gritty TV dramas like The Shield and True Detective, and will even be presented in that sort of episodic format. The game will even feature actors from True Detective, Law and Order, The Shield, and CSI Miami.

Truth be told, the single player aspect of the game seems to be at least intriguing and I’m actually rather keen to play it. It seems far removed from the purer, frankly boring military shooting of past games, and more like something worthy of your time.

Last Updated: August 20, 2014

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