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Bayonetta “Unveils” set to hit the Tokyo Game Show this week

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Starting off 2010, Bayonetta had to be one of the highlights of the year. Smooth, addictive and exciting, the sexy action romp had all the qualities necessary to create a lasting impression on the genre.

And in in this industry, a successful and popular game usually gets a sequel, something that we’ve heard nothing about for the popular super-witch librarian. But with the Tokyo Game Show taking place this week, can we expect some home ground announcements from Sega regarding the popular character?

Sources say that Sega will be preparing to unveil a new Bayonetta project at TGS this week, but there’s been little word of what form it will take. Whether its an all new sequel, or a handheld version of the game, or a range of Bayonetta latex fetish lingerie is uncertain, and Sega has been firm with the no comments all week.

What is known, is that an animated Bayonetta film is also in the works, which could be used to help bolster whatever Sega has planned for the heroine.

Sega West CEO Mike Hayes recently told VG247 that it considered its Platinum action series to be “An IP that is relevant for the market. How we take that forward in the future, that’s all to be looked at, to be announced, no decisions are made on that, but that did well”.

If Sega is planning a sequel to Bayonetta, then the timing is perfect, as it would be well into development at this stage already, meaning that we might get to see the sultry librarian in 2012.

Source: VG247

Last Updated: September 13, 2011

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