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Far Cry 4 isn’t just about using your wing suit to float down from the Himalayas into the valley. Despite all the trailers showing off how cool the all new environments are, there is also a deep story that will be impacted by your choices. Don’t believe me? Just watch this story trailer.

Why is it that every time I see Pagan Min I like him more? I know he’s the antagonist of the game, but I just find him so compelling. I think it’s his voice, but it could also be the face; it’s probably a combination of crazy and smart that I like so much.

So, will you be a crazy, wild man? Someone vicious and insane, released into a 3rd world playground of death and destruction? Or will you take a more regal approach and become the new King of Kyrat?

I’m curious how much these choices will affect actual gameplay. Sure, you need to align yourself with a faction, but will that change the types of missions and gameplay, or is that just something they say now and then when we’re actually in the game it’s not true at all? I like that Ubisoft is adding key decision making to their games – they already have the open world sandbox aspects that I like; it’s great to know that they’re adding deeper storytelling, too. I just hope that they can pull it off.

Are all these trailers getting you excited? With so many games launching in such a small window, which ones will be getting your love and attention first?

Last Updated: November 5, 2014

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