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Be a winner in the Spike Lee joint that is NBA 2K16

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Normally when Gavin or Alessandro wax lyrical about football or whatever other sports game, my eyes glaze over as my mind drifts off to my happy place. But, when it comes to basketball, that is my happy place. The frenetic energy of the game, the quick paced raw athleticism and the overabundance of enthusiasm, it makes my heart pound and miss sitting court-side watching two teams of ridiculously tall men battle for supremacy. Now, it seems I can feel like that again.

The latest trailer for NBA 2K16 is all about winning and shows off the unique victory dances, twerks and faces of the various NBA stars when they make the all important basket.

I know people want to see more of the story mode, more gameplay elements, but this trailer seriously gets me hyped for the game. I want to try out all my moves, want to see just how testosterone fueled I can make my character so that his victory dance is even more over the top. I want to be a basketball winner and shower myself in those halftime dancer ladies. But really, I’m excited to play as the Knicks and see just how realistic the game really is – will my team be good enough to get to the championships only to be knocked out in a bitter defeat? Will it be as masochistic to support my beloved team in virtual life as it is in real life, or could I actually right their wrongs and get that championship ring?

Please tell me you’ll all be joining me to shoot hoops and twerk in victory.

Last Updated: August 25, 2015

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