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It’s a new year, 2014 (in case you weren’t aware). Part of that means that we want to be more involved with you guys. No, not like that – I’m a married lady! But we do want to see you all, and chat, and play games, and drink. You get the picture.

Okay, I know the guys like to paint themselves as old curmudgeons with anti-social and misanthropic tendencies, but that’s just not true. Well, maybe it is true, but that’s not the point – they will change and be social and awesome. Or, at least I’ll also be around, so it will be less noticeable. Either way, here are some of the ways you can be social with us and with each other.

First up, tonight is our first ever Lazygamer Community Let’s Play! It looks like Left 4 Dead 2 has won the vote, so prepare for some zombie bashing awesomeness. Be sure to join the Lazygamer Steam group – it’s an easy way to find each other and us. I might not be around much, though – FPS still make me nauseous, although I am training my brain otherwise.

Next we have some in-person get togethers. First up is the Cape Town get together on Saturday – you can even wish OVG a belated happy birthday just to irritate him. Joburg is having our get together on 1 February – I’m hoping to make it a regular thing (once a month?) and changing venue each time to suit the variety of locations you all live. So please all rock up and prove to Gavin and Geoff that you guys really do like me and each other and want to do these things.

Finally, there’s the fake social stuff. Well, it’s not fake, but social media is questionable as a source of real connection. Either way, if you use Facebook and/or twitter, you really should like and follow us. But wait, there’s more! We are human beings with our own personal twitter and whatnot – you can follow our unofficial and unprofessional accounts if you don’t get enough of our wit and inappropriate references here.

Stalk Gavin

  • Twitter – @lazygamers
  • Steam – Gavin
  • Gamertag – Lazygamer ZA
  • PSN ID – Lazygamer_ZA

Stalk Geoff

Stalk Darryn

Stalk Zoe

  • Twitter – @moonstormer
  • Steam – Moonstormer
  • Gamertag – MoonstormerZ
  • PSN – Deanorhan (Yeah, I share it with my awesome husband)

Stalk Stephen

Please all feel free to add your details to the mix as well – it’s nice to troll each other here, but there’s something extra special about the trolling carrying over onto other channels. Hey, I think this is my first ever #FollowFriday thingy! Hope you all enjoy it.

Last Updated: January 10, 2014

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