Beat banting with I Am Bread’s Starch Wars

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There’s really nothing like a day where everyone can collectively lose all self-control and proclaim their undying love for Star Wars without repercussion. It’s even better when developers, like Bossa Studios, get in on the fun – like releasing a surprise Star Wars themed update for their latest title, I Am Bread. But just how the hell do intergalactic space battles and starchy, lightly buttered loafs mix together?

With a ton of witty (or cringe-worthy) puns of course. If you happen yo own I Am Bread on Steam, you’ll be greeted with a nice update today adding in the “Starch Wars” packing in celebration of International Star Wars day. The update adds (get this) space battles – with rolls and loaves and all the carbohydrates you can possibly think of. Space battles – in a game about controlling a slice of bread in cumbersome ways.

It all looks rather fun, with cracker built Tie-fighters, bready Star Destroyers and all the crumby explosive goodness that happens in between. Considering you’ll be piloting a love of your bread of choice, I’m assuming the Dark Side has recently taken up banting? Why else would they have a problem with the inhabitants of all-dough-naan?

It’s extremely silly, but I like that a studio has taken the time to create this for nothing more than the fun of it. It’s just a shame that the rest of I Am Bread doesn’t really reach the heights that Surgeon Simulator did. If you have the game, grab it and let us know what you think.

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Last Updated: May 4, 2015

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