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Beat Saber gets Green Day song pack, 360° and 90° levels

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When it was announced that Green Day would have something to announce at The Game Awards, my mind immediately jumped towards the last game that had anything to do with the band: Rock Band. Released at a time when Harmonix was taking a page of Activision’s book and releasing band-specific versions of its game, it’s probably one of the many straws that ended up breaking the plastic instruments rhythm genre’s back.

I didn’t think we’d see something like Rock Band again, (and I was secretly hoping that Brad Idea for a Green Day war game called Green D-Day was real), so I was interested to see what would come of their stage time. Annnnd it’s a Beat Saber pack. Green Day announced that they would have a handful of their songs added to the slicey-dicey laser sword rhythm game. For $9, the following songs have been added to Beat Saber. They’re available now.

  • “American Idiot”
  • “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”
  • “Father of All…”
  • “Fire, Ready, Aim”
  • “Holiday”
  • “Minority”

Oculus, new owners of Beat Saber developer Beat Games, also announced that they’d be adding new 90 degree and 360 degree levels to the game – only for PC for now.

They span all five difficulty settings and are free when you own the corresponding music pack:


  • “Beat Saber”
  • “I Need You”
  • “Till It’s Over” (Monstercat Music Pack)
  • “Turn Me On”


  • “$100 Bills”
  • “Believer” (Imagine Dragons Music Pack)
  • “Commercial Pumping”
  • “Father of All…” (Green Day Music Pack)
  • “Immortal”
  • “Origins”


  • “Believer” (Imagine Dragons Music Pack)
  • “Crab Rave”
  • “High Hopes” (Panic! At The Disco Music Pack)
  • “Holiday” (Green Day Music Pack)
  • “Legend”
  • “Thunder” (Imagine Dragons Music Pack)


  • “Country Rounds”
  • “Emperor’s New Clothes” (Panic! At The Disco Music Pack)
  • “EPIC” (Monstercat Music Pack)
  • “LVL Insane”
  • “Origins”
  • “Unlimited Power”


  • “Balearic Pumping”
  • “Breezer”
  • “Glide” (Rocket League Monstercat Music Pack)
  • “Origins”
  • “Overkill” (Monstercat Music Pack)

I like the idea of 360 degree Beat Saber, but it just wouldn’t work properly on the PSVR, which uses very obvious lights for tracking, which get obfuscated when you turn around. The PSVR wands are also orbs of light, and they also wouldn’t track from behind. Beat Games has said “for all platforms though”, so my guess is that it’ll use a button on the wand to “turn around” instead of having you do that in physical space.

Last Updated: December 13, 2019

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