Ben Heck reinvents the WASD idea

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Ben Heck

I’m a huge fan of Ben Heck and his weird and wacky inventions. This latest one is Ben’s attempt at improving the standard WASD controller format for all PC games.

Granted there really isn’t anything wrong with the current system but my fingers just aren’t supple enough anymore to hit all the required keys so this idea actually appeals to me.

So basically what has Ben done? He’s simply added two floor pedals and connected them up via a HID (Human Interface Device) which then translates the pedal motion to keyboard buttons.

Now when I think pedals I immediately think they are going to be used to control motion but we all know fingers are quicker than feet so that wouldn’t really work.

But what about if you used the pedal to crouch or toggle sprint or even just to do something as simple as throwing a grenade or toggling a door to open.

I wish I had some of his technical abilities, I’d love a little macro board on the side of the computer that I could just use to push a single button and boot up certain things I require.

This whole process was sponsored by Newark who sell all the neat goodies you are going to need if you are going to attempt something like this.

Last Updated: April 22, 2014

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