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Best Butts in Gaming

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Imagine, if you will, last year November when I emailed a certain Geoff and asked him to put together a simple top 10 Butts of gaming post.

It’s really not a high brow article but it’s fun and he seemed like the right person for the job. Unfortunately the article in question is still in development, apparently good butts take a lot of research.

And now Destructoid has pipped us to the post on this one by putting up a top ten arses post, however I just cannot endorse this one as for some amazingly obscure reason it doesn’t have Bayonetta in it.

The tone of their post is pretty pathetic to be honest but I needed to post this up to rub Geoff’s nose in it.

The decent butts are after the break while the winner is up top… make any joke you like out of that one.

Dark Rayne






Last Updated: February 15, 2010