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The BEST Ghostbusters game and more are now backwards compatible on Xbox One

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A decent video game adaptation of a movie is pretty much about as rare as seeing a unicorn in the wild: It’s only possible with a bucket filled with mind-altering hallucinogenic drugs. Still, there are a scant few exceptions to the rule, with Ghostbusters the video game being one such notable example. Pretty much Gears Of War but with a highly-unstable nuclear accelerator strapped to your back, 2009’s quasi-sequel to the superb movies was the next best thing available to a reboot that would have most likely given the darkest corners of the internet massive haterections.

Good thing then, that that never ever happened, right?

Outside of my bubble of obliviousness then, comes news that the best Ghostbusters game is finally headed to Xbox One. It’s one of seven new old games that’ll be available this week, that also includes the following according to Xbox’s Major Nelson:

And that’s a pretty strong selection right there! For many of you, Battlefield Bad Company 2 will most likely be higher on your list of priorities than a session of stream-crossing, and I don’t blame you. That’s a superb game from the Battlefield series, and possibly the only game in the entire franchise that has a story that’s worth a damn.

I’m not going to get into Dragon Age Origins right now, as my feelings for that line of games usually hover between “meh” and wanting to crowdfund an initiative to launch every single surviving copy of that game into the sun. But yeah, that’s a great selection right there. Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s something strange in my neighborhood and I need to call someone.

And by something strange, I mean Matty in the middle of a parkrun and by fixing said problem, I mean squirting him in the face with a water pistol that has been filled up with concentrated pepper spray.

Last Updated: January 12, 2017

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