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Beta tester leaks Halo ODST Footage – Leaves his name on it

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Such is the level of excitement for Halo 3 : ODST that a leaked video showing the menu from the Beta game has made it to the top of N4G and is now being syndicated across the globe.

Seriously it’s just a menu and not really worth watching but there were two things that I found quite interesting in it.

Firstly if it’s a true leak then the guy who did it is going to be in a whole heap of trouble and it’s not like Bungie or Microsoft are going to struggle to find him since he left his username on the screen.

According to his profile “CaLL Me ZeNy” is the 17 year old leader of Halo3Infinity.net from France.

And he did this after reading Bungies awesome non disclosure statement that states

FireNinja “Seriously… Do not show this to anyone. Do not show screenshots to anyone. Do not talk about this, post about this, blog about this, complain about this, brag about this, or write about this (outside the sanctity of our beloved BetaPlace, of course). Otherwise, ninjas will be sent to bring ruin on your home and your house’s houses. And I don’t mean those punkass run of the mill MSNinjas. I mean the other ninjas. The cool ones. The ones on fire… Yeah. That’s right…”

That is possibly the coolest NDA ever, but then again it also didn’t work so maybe Bungie should rather invest in not giving out Beta information to 17 year old fanboys?

Last Updated: April 6, 2009

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