Bethesda E3 conference may have massive Fallout

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This is what Darryn and I look at during E3 anyway

E3 has become something of a standard affair. Press conference day, or as Darryn like to call it, The Gauntlet, is ridiculously busy but totally predictable. Microsoft does something big in the morning, then EA gives us something cool to drink while we fall asleep listening to sports and waiting for Bioware news. Ubisoft’s event is filled with bizarre moments and everyone loves Sony for all the food and booze trucks before their similarly odd and poorly paced conference. Bethesda is throwing themselves in the mix, but it might be a bit different… maybe.

Bethesda has announced their first-ever E3 showcase. Unlike the other conferences that are scattered around downtown LA, this one will be taking place in Hollywood. Also different, Bethesda’s conference is on the Sunday before The Gauntlet. The conference will be streamed on Twitch, so if you can’t join us in the theater, you can still see what’s going on.

So, why would Bethesda choose to host an entire conference? Could this mean that there will be some big announcements from them this year, instead of just some cool things hidden away at their stand? Maybe we’ll finally hear about Fallout 4, or maybe even Dishonored 2. We know that The Elder Scrolls Online will need to be punted during the event, even if it has dropped the subscription. The Evil Within left the door open for sequels and tons of DLC, too – maybe we’ll hear more about that. Or maybe the whole reason to have a press conference will be because The Elder Scrolls VI needs to be announced. [Geoff’s note: Please be Fallout, please be Fallout!]

Whatever the announcements will be, it’s nice to see Bethesda stepping up with the big boys at E3, even if it does turn our schedule into even more of a foot-shredding gauntlet.

Last Updated: February 11, 2015

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