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Bethesda’s in no hurry for next gen

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Many developers are calling for this generation of consoles to come to an abrupt end, believing it’s gone on for far too long already. Many of them believe that the new consoles will help reinvigorate the sagging physical media games market. You know who doesn’t want next gen yet? Bethesda, who laughably believes that current consoles aren’t holding anybody back.

"I don’t think the current generation of consoles are holding us back," Bethesda’s Pete Hines told MCV, suggesting that the current consoles still offer plenty of scope for new heights in storytelling and visuals.

The problems with introducing new technology for developers are twofold, say Hines.

"The developers are trying to hit a moving technical target, because the platforms are being built. It moves and iterates along the way. And introducing something like that to games that are in development is always a bit tricky. And that is obviously an element of risk.

"The second point is that your install base always starts at zero. Then it comes out and suddenly a certain number of people buy it but it won’t be the same number as the current gen. So you have divided your audience.

"It’s then a case of: Are we just making it for the next gen? Or next gen and current gen? And how many people from the current gen that I’m targeting have moved over to the next gen? It does complicate things a little bit. Obviously the changes they are going to make technologically, in terms of the things we will be able to do, are exciting. But it comes at a price."

I think the biggest reason that Bethesda’s in no hurry for next gen is that they’ve still not quite figured out the current one just yet.

Last Updated: September 11, 2012

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