Beware of spoilers in new Witcher 3 screenshots

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Ciri witcher 3

If you want to remain pure, go no further. CD Projekt Red has revealed a bunch of new screenshots for the game. However, due to quest objectives being shown as part of the UI, you may get more of a sense of the content of the story than you wanted before the game. If you are saving yourself for when you’re in love, this is your promise ring warning.

Revealed over on their Facebook page, there are three new screens to please your eyeballs. First up we have this pretty picture of Geralt fighting a Harpy. It’s not too heavy on the spoilers unless you already know about those characters and lore. Not to fear!

Witcher 3 Harpy

Next up, an image indoors of a banquet. With the ability to extinguish candles as you try to find Yennefer to speak to her alone. Um, wait, weren’t you chasing her earlier? Oops, spoiler!

Witcher 3 banquet

Finally, there’s this image of Gerald looting a chest. Still, it shows some destination information, as well as the port. People who want to play the game without any foreknowledge may be upset by this, I guess.

Witcher 3 loot

The second picture is probably the most spoilerific, but I still don’t think it’s that bad. Then again, in this world of spoilers, I feel like almost everything is spoiled before I ever experience it. It’s not about a big surprise or reveal for me anymore, but the journey to that knowledge and how it’s presented. Unfortunately, avoiding spoilers isn’t really a luxury I can have – have you been exposed to all the spoilers, or are you still relatively pure?

Last Updated: April 30, 2015

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