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Beyond Good & Evil HD Cinematic Trailer

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On March 2, Ubisoft will be doing something out of the ordinary for a corporation. They’ll be releasing an up-scaled, high definition port of a game that completely failed to set sales charts on fire. It’s a good thing too, because Beyond Good and Evil is a severely underappreciated gem that far too many people neglected in the last generation of console hardware.

Below, you’ll find a cinematic trailer (courtesy of Gamespot) for the release that’s managed to get me rather excited for a seven year old game I finished seven years ago. As someone who detests replaying games, that’s no mean feat. I urge you all to buy this when it becomes available online, not just because it’s a damned fine game, but because it might also help fund the game’s on-again-off-again sequel Ubisoft’s been teasing us with since in 2008.

Last Updated: February 24, 2011

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