Bible Chronicles game looking for funding

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Why does she look so excited to be going on a trip?

Are you a lover of video games and of Christ? Well then this is the game for you. A small development studio called Phoenix Interactive Studios are heading towards Kickstarter in an attempt to raise $100 000 to deliver god’s game into your hands.

Bible Chronicles: The Call of Abraham is an action based RPG where you play alongside Abraham in defeating the 4 kings at the battle of Siddim.

You can watch in wonder as Abraham is stopped from sacrificing Isaac or watch Lot’s wife transform into a pillar of salt and disappear. You get to travel into ancient lands to relive Abraham’s life where you head into fierce, but not so bloody, battles and fight for the destruction of ancient evils.

Now anyone who has actually read the bible, I’m talking mainly to the atheists out there, know that the bible is full of sex, gore, violence, mixed decisions and ultimate atrocities. So will we see that in the game?

Well according to the developers, as reported by twinfinite:

“We’re actually following stories directly from the Bible with game play that you will respect. Of course, there is violence in the Bible, but even when the main character must kill a rabid wolf attacking Abraham’s sheep, or run into battle, there is always a just cause and you are only able to engage in activities that are honorable.  And on occasions where there is a better alternative to violence, you are rewarded for finding and choosing it.”

So if you know a better choice than those taken by Abraham or other Bible heroes and you prove you are better then you get rewarded… you have to love that. The team is being helped by a 5 panel advisory board of all the top religious scholars in their immediate vicinity, okay fine maybe I’m not taking this entirely seriously after all.

The guys are only looking for $100 000 so I expect this kickstarter to be bankrolled quite quickly and if they get over $250 000 we are going to see a console version also released.

I’m not sold on their name though, it doesn’t quite have that blockbuster ring to it so I got the team together for a quick brainstorming mission and we think we’ve got some better names for the their kickstarter. The twinfinite site came up with Call of Deity: Bible Chronicles and then we modified that to get

  • Call of Deity: Holy Ghosts
  • Call of Deity: Modern Worship
  • Call of Deity: Christ Ops
  • Biblefield 4
  • Sunday Mass: Effect
  • Mortal Korinthians
  • Metal Gear Samaritan
  • Sim City: Stations of the Cross
  • Assassin’s Christ
  • Original Sin City
  • World of Worship: Catechism

Put some clothes on dude

Let us know if you can think of any better names or what part of the bible you want to see made into a video game. Personally I’d love to see the building up of Sodom and Gomorrah and then how the recent scholars have turned this story into why it is okay to hate and abuse homosexuals.

If you want to back this game then check their pre-kickstarter page right here where you can sign up to be notified as soon as they are ready to accept your money.

Last Updated: January 7, 2014

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