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R1 PS4

Ah, Bid or Buy – our local eBay. You are strange and wonderful – where else could the guys get their awful chili peppers and rare comics? This Wacky Wednesday, you can even pick up a cheap PS4.

Wacky Wednesday is pretty cool – bids start at R1 and have no reserve. This guy was brave enough to put a locally sourced PS4 up for auction under these parameters – just check it out. I’m not too sure about that “Indicative Market Price” though – he has set it at R7 500 when we know PS4s actually sell for R6 299. Someone trying to seem like people are getting a bigger discount? Then again, going by the site maybe that is the average price – people are desperate to get their hands on the currently out-of-stock console. This guy is offering it for an inflated R7 299 (at least with free shipping), this one for R7 980 (plus R150 for shipping) or you could pay a whopping R8 257 (plus variable shipping). I know it’s out of stock, but wow – those prices are high.

Speaking of stock, we are in contact with local distributors and will keep you up to date as new stock lands in the country. I would advise those in Gauteng to get in touch with AWX – they seem to have the most regular shipments landing in the country. As usual at launch, demand is high for the cool new console, and stores are struggling to keep any in stock.

Of course, the Xbox One hasn’t yet launched in South Africa. But some people are willing to import it because they can’t wait. How much is it to import? Considering customs, the cost of games and data, it’s all rather inflated at the moment – although it’s hard to tell considering that we don’t know how much it will actually retail for locally what with the Rand exchange rate going down faster than Debbie did Dallas. So, maybe we should consider these prices a bargain. You can grab this Xbox One for R9 100 plus an extra R140 for shipping. At least it’s a UK model so you won’t be like a poor unfortunate local who blew his power adapter on the first day. The same seller is also selling a FIFA 14 Special Edition Xbox One for R9 500, although I like this part of the description:

Imported UK model, currently no SA warranty or support

Please note: FIFA 14 will be in the box as a download version of the game (TBC if you need to download or if it will already be on the console)

Considering game sizes, we can only hope it comes pre-downloaded or you’ll have to wait a while for that game to download on SA internet connections. Still, these two sales are cheaper than another guy hoping to sell you this Xbox One for R10 500. At least he’s offering free shipping, and you can order your games through him for “only” R1 100. Wow, I hope we can expect better prices when the Xbox One launches locally – or at least some cool bundles. But, I suppose you have to pay a premium to be among the first in the country with some pretty new tech.

Last Updated: January 21, 2014

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