Bill Gates : Natal Coming to PC Too

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MinorityReport In a recent interview with CNET, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has revealed that Project Natal, their time-of-flight camera motion-sensing Xbox 360 gaming peripheral will be making its way to the PC, too. From the sounds of it it seems less about gaming, and more about interface – at least for now.

"I think the value is as great for if you’re in the home, as you want to manage your movies, music, home system type stuff, it’s very cool there," said Gates. "And I think there’s incredible value as we use that in the office connected to a Windows PC. So Microsoft research and the product groups have a lot going on there, because you can use the cost reduction that will take place over the years to say, why shouldn’t that be in most office environments."

While most of you are probably thinking of the implications this may have towards a Minority Report-styled interface, I think this tech could completely revolutionise the interactive porn market.

Source : CNET

Last Updated: July 16, 2009

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Geoffrey Tim

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  • WitWolfyZA

    Thats the funniest pic ive seen all day! 😆

  • Faheem

    :shocked: Oh that’s actually cool – but I mean in terms of Minority Report not porn :blink:

  • Yeah, would be interesting to see as what action the motion sensor would interpret an up and down stroke :ermm:

  • I second what WitWolfyZA said…. LOL!

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