Billy Bob Thornton blames YOU for crappy Hollywood movies

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Some people love Billy Bob Thornton the actor, screenwriter, director, rock… star? But some people think he’s a bit of a douche – probably because he used to be married to Angelina Jolie. What? You don’t think he’s a douche? You might after this. He was recently interviewed by The Telegraph during which he went on a bit of a tirade about the state of Hollywood.

According to Thornton, Hollywood is making the worst movies it ever has. The reason for that, of course, is videogames. More specifically it’s because of the videogame-playing generation. Billy… come now. You can’t really blame us for the state of Hollywood movies, can you?

“In our current state of affairs, especially in the entertainment business, we’re living in a time when we’re making — in my humble opinion — the worst movies in history. They’re geared toward the video game-playing generation. And these video games, which I’m on my son about constantly, these games are people killing for fun, and I think traditionally in movies, there’s always been some kind of lesson in the violent movies.”

Totally. There are totally lessons to be learnt about violence in movies like Dawn of the Dead, Alien Versus Predator, Kill Bill… should I go on? Of course, violent videogames have no lessons to teach at all, but Billy’s movies definitely do. His latest one, Faster, stars The Rock and it’s about a guy who goes on a killing rampage. Fortunately Billy’s character, a cop, is there to protect the sensitivities of audience the world over by trying to stop The Rock. But it’s not a videogame inspired film, it’s a film with a lesson mmkay:

“This movie doesn’t say, ‘Oh, here’s this fun guy and we’re going to do this tongue-in-cheek character right out of a video game who likes to destroy things’ and all this kind of thing. This movie actually shows what prisons create, what murder creates. It shows this perpetual, violent string of events.”

Oh damn it Billy! You got hypocrisy all over this post and made me throw up in my mouth.

Source: The Telegraph [via Eurogamer]

Last Updated: November 25, 2010

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