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Binding of Isaac’s “Repentence” expansion is as large as a sequel says Edmund McMillen

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Would you believe me if I told you that The Binding of Isaac, that weird and wonderful Zelda-dungeon inspired rogue-like, was nearly a decade old? I’ll be the first to admit that I took quite a spit-take when I first read that and now, as I wipe my morning coffee off my desk, I realise it’s because there’s like three different versions of the game. Sure, each version added in more content to the base game but it’s real hard for new players to figure out is the version they want in on. Repentance, the latest expansion to the game, is now looking at adding even more content. So much so that it’s almost the size of a full blown sequel, says creator Edmund McMillen.

Repentance has been in development for over two years now and according to McMillen, there’s a good reason behind why it’s taken the developers so long to wrap it up. The expansion was initially announced to be a rework of a very popular mod known as “Antibirth” which McMillen grew to adore, reaching out to the original creator, and inviting him to collaborate on expanding and turning it into an official update. Yet things only grew from there as McMillen wrote in a Steam post saying that a load of new content added to the game was, “bigger than Rebirth was to the OG flash game – that Repentance is “basically a sequel at this point”.

The Repentance expansion will be adding in plenty of new locations, weapons, enemies, bosses and items that will either make your day or ruin your run. As can only be expected from the weird genius that is Edmund McMillen, he had a very specific way of describing how he thinks will react to the DLC by saying:

I have a feeling you’re gunna shit your asses when you get your hands on it.

I’m sure plenty of people will, Ed. There’s no confirmed release date for Repentance despite it being set for 30 December, which feels like a placeholder. Apparently, it’s about 90% complete so hopefully, that means sooner rather than later!

Last Updated: September 30, 2020

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