BioShock-esque title, We Happy Few, needs your money soon

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Back in September the lovely minds behind the not so lovely Contrast revealed their next bash at a creepy, atmospheric title. We Happy Few seems to mash together elements of BioShock and first-person survival games, all set in an eerie English setting that has more fake smiles than pints of warm beer. Since then, the game has been silent – but it’s going to need your money soon.

Developers Compulsion Games will be launching a Kickstarter for We Happy Few in just under two weeks, meaning you can throw all the money you desire at their faces to get the project done. It does also mean we’ll probably get a lot more information about the game, pertaining to gameplay, story and perhaps a release window. Platforms and such would be pretty neat too.

It is curious though that a Kickstarter is only being launched for the game nearly four months after the initial reveal. It could very well be that Compulsion has struggled to find a publisher – especially after Contrast didn’t hit all the right critical ticks at launch. Or it could just be another way to market the game more – a method with a lot of established developers are using to gain media traction lately.

Regardless of that, the game does look really intriguing – and screams emphatically at the BioShock fanboy within me. If you’ve already forgotten what We Happy Few looks like, check out the original announcement trailer below. I’m crossing my fingers that not much has changed since then.

Last Updated: May 22, 2015

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