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BioShock is coming back…one day

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BioShock Infinite, I felt, provided closure on the entire series. That closure was fortified with Ken Levine shutting down  his studio, Irrational Games. Still, as one of the more popular and best selling franchise of the last generation, 2K games parent Take-Two would be stupid to just give up on the brand. They’re not stupid.

According to Take-Two’s Strauss Zelnick, the future of BioShock will be in 2K Marin’s hands. Asked by Gamespot about the future of the series and its commercial potential.

“We haven’t given any color on how you should think about it yet except we do believe it’s beloved; we think it’s important [and] certainly something that we’re focused on; something 2K Marin will be responsible for shepherding going forward.

I don’t want to say much else except to agree with you. I think there’s a lot of upside in that franchise,” Zelnick said. “It hasn’t necessarily been realized yet. And the question for the future, assuming we decide to answer the question, would be ‘How do you stay true to that creatively?’; ‘How do you do something exciting?’; and ‘How do you do expand the market?’. That would be the natural drill. We’re starting from a good point on it. And certainly it’s been a great piece of business for us; it’s been a profitable piece of business.”

2K Marin was responsible for BioShock 2, which other than the shoe-horned multiplayer and the recycled setting of Rapture, was actually excellent. It subverted BioShock’s main themes, giving a whole new experience within the same setting. It’s a game that just doesn’t get the respect it deserves. while I’m not sure I want more BioShock, I am certain it’s in the right hands.

Unfortunately, BioShock 2’s creative director and the team behind the excellent BioShock 2 DLC Minerva’s Den have left 2K, off to do their own thing. They were essentially the people responsible for Gone Home.

Last Updated: May 30, 2014

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