Bioshock movie? Del Toro would dig it

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At this point of time Guillermo del Toro isn’t a name you simply won’t recognize. The director has come a far way since he directed the second Blade movie (which wasn’t THAT bad) and has since started fostering a nice legacy with intense hits like Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy. He’s also been spoken here and there about games – famously letting it slip that a Halo movie was in the works, then later (after the movie’s supposed shelving) chatting about how much he’d have loved to helm the project.

Currently, though, he’s busy with other things and has been tied to directing The Hobbit, though that’s just a rumor. In the same post, Del Toro also mentions Bioshock – saying:

“I love BIOSHOCK from a design point of view,” says del Toro. “But Unless its a HELLBOY sequel I am not that eager to engage in another action-oriented movie. Even if the other elements are right. BUT… if I found the right pitch on the material, who knows – the BIOSHOCK universe is indeed wonderful.”

So that means he’s got nothing to do with one, but he thinks a Bioshock movie would be a good idea. Maybe they should hire the set designer from Silent Hill, who you have to admit did a sterling job.

Last Updated: April 14, 2008


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