Bioware helps Morrigan cosplayers

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Bioware is showing a bunch of community love at the moment. I’ll show you the new screenshot we got via twitter, but I’m most impressed by the character models they’re releasing on their blog – all in the name of cosplayers.

First up, a pretty pre-Alpha screenshot shows off some more of the impressive Dragon Age: Inquisition environment:

Then we’ve got the cosplay. Apparently, this is all part of an initiative to engage even more with the fans – there has been some fantastic cosplay of Bioware characters in the past, and they want to make it even easier for people to get creative with their IP:

So it’s with great pleasure that I announce an initiative that has been a long time in development, a project of passion for a few departments within BioWare. We want to give fan artists–cosplayers, illustrators, painters, writers, cake decorators, everyone–access to detailed, descriptive, high resolution character designs before the game is released. These will be distributed so you can have them available online or print them out and keep in your garage, workshop, sewing room, or creative space to reference. Our first Character Kit is Morrigan’s ball gown, a costume that I’m particularly fond of and cosplayed for PAX Prime this past year.

This new Morrigan is wearing a lot more clothing than we saw in Dragon Age: Origins. I really love how they did this character sheet – you can see all the colors and materials you may need to re-create her. I’m glad they’re going to do this with all the characters – this is fantastic for cosplayers and artists, or cake decorators, apparently. Now I want a Morrigan cake for my birthday!

Morrigan character card

Last Updated: February 5, 2014

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