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BioWare is releasing a new IP next year, and it’s not an RPG

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BioWare's new IP is not an RPG

BioWare have been one of the go-to studios for your semi-frequent RPG experiences. The studio has handled two properties extremely well over the past decade, with both Dragon Age and Mass Effect proving to be engrossing, unique experiences. They’re both firmly RPG titles though, which is what BioWare excels at. Crafting characters, stories and player progression into systems that have evolved wonderfully through the ages. Which makes news of their next IP slightly tantalising.

According to an EA investors’ call that took place last night (and had a few other stories to go with it), EA briefly detailed a new IP that BioWare would launch by March 2018. The game has reportedly been in development since 2012, and will “bring players together in exciting new ways, “ according to BioWare General Manager Aaryn Flynn. Later in the call, EA made it clear that the new title was not an RPG, but would instead feature more action focused gameplay with social and multiplayer functionality.

Sounds a little like another action shooter that rival publishers Activision has seen major success with, doesn’t it? Could this be EA’s answer to Destiny?

That is the prevailing assumption, although the exclusion of any sort of role-playing hampers that. It’s either that BioWare is making a game without any sort of role-playing entirely, or the terminology is being used to emphasise that it’s not an RPG in the same vein as past projects. The latter seems particularly more believable, given the inclusion of progression systems in so many genres that aren’t deemed to be role-playing.

The question now is when EA is planning to formally reveal the title, especially if it’s planned to launch within a year. Could this new IP be the big news at E3 this year?

Last Updated: February 1, 2017

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