Bioware teases new IP again for Gamescom

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Bioware shock

Last week I told you guys about the Nightmare teaser from Bioware, the one which made it seem like Bioware would be revealing something completely new during Gamescom. Well now we’ve got a second teaser and it’s just as ambiguous, but at least we get a date.

Here is the You Have Been Chosen Spark Teaser:

For the non-video viewing, I would normally explain what happened but I’m not sure that I can. A young man is sitting in a dingy cafe in Asia somewhere, drawing a weird symbol on a napkin. His phone keeps ringing with an unknown number. His eyes glow a bit, and then his phone seems to experience an electrical storm and blows him away from the table. The camera pans out while this happens and we see a hooded figure looking in through the cafe’s window.

The YouTube description merely says:

Do you know they are watching?

Your power is rising

Cologne, Germany

You’ve Been Chosen


13th of August? Why, that’s the first real day of Gamescom, and the day that EA has its press conference. Coincidence? We think not.  What could EA have up their sleeve to show us? I’m still speculating that it’s related to the Shadow Realms trademark that EA filed earlier this year.

People are already so desperate for news about the game formerly known as Mass Effect 4, as well as any bits we can glean about Dragon Age: Inquisition – another new IP from Bioware might just make us overly excited. What new game would you like to see them do? Did you pick up on anything in the trailer that maybe gives us more of a clue?

Gamescom is only a little over a week away. I’m actually not sure that I can contain my excitement – it’s going to blow me away if I get to see Bioware’s big announcement in person. Let’s just hope that this isn’t a sign that they’re jumping on the MOBA bandwagon. Please, just hope and pray.

Last Updated: August 1, 2014

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