Black Friday Sales Figures – Microsoft takes a beating?

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The first sales figures for Black Friday are coming in and all three console manufacturers are gloating about their sales figures… but only one of them isn’t telling us how many it actually sold.

Without a shadow of a doubt Nintendo has once again cake walked the biggest sales day on the American calendar selling over a million DS units and 550 000 Wii’s in the last week.

However Sony won’t be crying in their milk with over 440 000 PS3’s being snapped up giving them a year on year increase of around 300%.

Microsoft has come out stating that their sales were double the previous week in November… which is a pretty arb statement and leaves us scrambling to see how many they sold. The best count so far has them at around the 300 000 mark making this a huge loss for the juggernaut from Redmond.

Have no doubt, Microsoft’s target for this holiday season is to beat Sony and the bigwigs are not going to be impressed with these numbers. Watch for some major holiday bundle announcements from Microsoft in the next two weeks.

Sony are back from the brink of defeat and in some style.

Source: VGChartz

Last Updated: December 1, 2009

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