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Black Ops 2: Zombies on a bus

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The marketing campaign around zombies being in Black Ops 2 has actually irritated me as right now I can’t even remember if Activision has announced it or not. We all knew it was always going to happen so why they felt the need to control this information is beyond me.

However smarmy marketing people aside the zombies in Black Ops and World at War were two of the best game modes in the industry and as such I was interested to see how they would be implemented in Black Ops 2 and now if this teaser trailer is anything to go by it looks like they are going to be on a bus.

But that’s really not the big news as what is far more surprising is that it looks like they have decided to change their zombies from the slow ambling horde that we are used to seeing in Call of Duty into the Left 4 Dead model of being scarily quick zombies.

I will also leave you with this little screencap taken at 11 seconds where you can quite clearly see that it is actually a zombie driving that bus… any massive Call of Duty fans care to explain that?


Last Updated: September 20, 2012

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