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Black Ops Glitches – Treyarch responds

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The game hasn’t even been out for an entire day yet and already we are getting reports of glitches and hacks in Black Ops. I even had some tosser submit a news story this morning trying to get people to pay them for a auto-aim hack.

Thankfully though the hacks and glitches appear to be really minor at the moment and Treyarch are responding quickly in multiple different ways to combat this.

First up is that they appear to be in direct contact with YouTube and are ensuring that all hack video’s are removed as soon as possible to try stem the flow of information about the hack while they fix it.

Secondly is obviously getting a patch/fix out as soon as possibly for all reproducible hacks, something they are very serious about.

Thirdly they will be pushing for bans for anyone caught using hacks and glitches in public games.

Black Ops multiplayer designer, David Vonderhaar, has come out and stated that this is the one and only time that they will be commenting on glitches as they are not in the business of making mini-celebrities out of douche bags.

“We are disinterested in making mini-celebrities out of douche-bags. You better think twice before you glitch. You never know who in your game doesn’t like glitchers who reports you and saves the game in their File Share and tells us about it. Our forum admins and VIPs along with JD_2020 (Community Manager) will be managing the communication directly.”

You can see the rest of his comment over at Nowgamer but the important thing to note is that Treyarch are watching closely and will be doing their utmost to stamp out glitching if and when it happens.

So if you are in a game and you see someone glitching do your part and save the game file and then it up to them.

Source: Nowgamer

Last Updated: November 10, 2010

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