Black Tusk’s Gears of War will be ‘innovative’

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Who’s up for another Gears of War game? I certainly am, although the last release, Gears of War: Judgement, was rather sub-standard. Black Tusk is now in charge of that franchise. And you can expect their GOW game to be ‘innovative’. Or better with Kinect (Citation Needed).

Speaking to Edge, Microsoft Game Studio’s Ken Lobb spoke about how Black Tusk would be handling the prime franchise on the Xbox One. “I actually have tons of respect for Chuck [Osieja, creative director] and all the guys up at Black Tusk. I think the reality is what we have is innovative Gears Of War. That’s what I believe they’re going to make,” Lobb said.

They’re an internal studio, but the reality is it’s cool to have [an IP] that can be a grand slam right out of the gate. The concepts they’ve been toying with are awesome. You take what they were thinking about and their expertise on Unreal Engine 4, because that’s what they’ve been playing with since their founding, and really go with the IP. Again, this was a mutually agreed thing. It’s not, ‘Here’s this thing you must take.’ That’s not the way Phil [Spencer] works; that’s not the way we work.

Black Tusk will still benefit from some Epic Games insight, on their debut Gears of War project. Microsoft has a solid record so far with their few first-party game studios, such as 343 Industries which was set up to work solely on Halo games. Halo 4 was some damn good fun when it was released, and showed that there was indeed life after Bungie. Not to mention the fact that it was one of the best looking games ever released on the Xbox 360.

Hopefull that magic can be bottled again with Black Tusk. Locust Queen knows that I miss sliding a chainsaw up the unsuspecting backside of another player.

Last Updated: April 9, 2014

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