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Blizzard explains why the Monk class in Diablo 3 has been suddenly tweaked drastically

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To protest this new tweaking of my favourite class, I'm going to set my Diablo 3 monk on fire. Then again, petrol is quite expensivce these days...

Woke up this morning, got myself a monk, and mamma, ain’t the powerful one no more, just one of a million, with that blue moon in her eyes…

So, Diablo 3 Monk rollers, have you noticed a change with your favourite class yet? A change that makes the character feel a little less powerful, resulting in more frequent deaths than usual?

You can thank Blizzard for that, as the now slightly gimped Monk class is a result of doing what’s right for the community. In a new developer blog post, Blizzard explained how these new instant hotfixes allowed for the developer to “react quickly to critical design and balance issues, bugs, and other problems that seriously conflict with our design intent”.

We expect that because the game is new, some other issues will arise that will need to be immediately addressed through hotfixes, but in general, most changes will arrive through patches.

Sure, some aspects of the game have been “outright nerf’ed”, Blizzard admits, but they’re part of a necessary change, one that brings a “diversity” to their title, that will make reaching the endgame more challenging.

“Inferno is intended to be extremely difficult, but with some specific skills, a few classes were simply able to progress far more easily than intended,” the Blizzard blog (Blizzog?) said.

This made the [other] classes, which were about where they were supposed to be, seem very underpowered. It also created the perception that the classes doing well were intended to rely on specific runes in all their builds, and the other classes were just broken.

This is the opposite of what’s true. If any single skill or rune feels absolutely required to progress, it means that skill is working against our goal of encouraging build diversity — and those “required” skills need to be corrected.

Blizzard has apologised for hitting players with surprise tweaks, and has commited itself to communicating better with players in the future, so expect more changes. Lots more changes, such as the Inferno mode getting new damage spikes, as well as the Blacksmith receiving a few overhauls in the process.

Last Updated: May 29, 2012

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