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Blizzard is going to give Genji back his swing in the next Overwatch patch

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Genji used to be the flyest option in Overwatch. A cybernetic ninja with skills to pay the bills, Blizzard’s premiere shinobi has largely fallen out of favour with the more serious crowd in Overwatch after recent patches hobbled him somewhat. He’s still a great choice for a casual game, but Genji is certainly in need of a few upgrades if he ever wants to hang with the big boys again

Here’s another reason why you might want to use him as a last resort in Overwatch: His ultimate has been slightly nerfed as well. At least it’s only temporary, as Principal designer Geoff Goodman detailed how his instakill sword strikes have been slowed down for now. “Before the last major patch, the amount of sword swings you could get changed depending on your latency,” Goodman wrote on the Blizzard forums.

So looking into this more, it looks like the issue some people are seeing is due to a different bug fix.

Strangely, if you had higher latency you could swing more often. This bug was fixed, which caused some players to suddenly get less swings than they were used to. Looking into this bug in more detail, the ping threshold before you could gain a single extra swing was somewhat low, so many people probably got used to 7 swings rather than 6.

A fix is on the way soon, that’ll give Genji a maximum of seven sword swings per ultimate activation, latency be damned. “We’re going to increase his swing speed overall so he’ll gain that 7th swing back for all players, regardless of latency,” Goodman wrote. So for now, you’ll just have to realise that while Genji used to swing a bit more, he swings a bit less at present. But he still swings if you know what I mean.

Last Updated: April 20, 2017

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