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Blizzard is trying to take an Overwatch cheat creator to court

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Blizzard pursuing legal action against Overwtch cheat creators

Overwatch is a great game. It blends keen teamwork and situational awareness with clever characters and interesting maps, and for the most part the experience is a pure one. There are, just like any other online game, a select few that love to cheat. Worse still are companies that make that exceptionally easy, by selling tools to allow anyone with a credit card an unfair advantage online. Blizzard is trying to take one down, but they have a storied past.

As first reported by TorrentFreak, Blizzard have filed a suit against known cheat tools creator Bossland, who are currently selling an Overwatch cheating tool called Watchover Tyrant. The tool allows players to use checkboxes (yeah, it’s that easy) to enable health buffs, enemy locations, weapon buffs and more. An early version of the tool can be seen below, with the current version apparently being a little more advanced already.

Blizzard pursuing legal action against Overwtch cheat creators 2

Of course, a tool like this is dangerous to Overwatch. It lessens the experience for people who encounter it online, and as Blizzard states could even keep people away from purchasing it. That’s why Blizzard is pursing legal action against Bossland – although it’s had a troubled history with the German-based company.

Bossland has been implicated in creating cheating tools for both Hearthstone and World of Warcraft in the past, and Blizzard has had a difficult time prosecuting them. Bossland’s response to this latest suit says it all really, with the company not really taking it seriously. Since the suit was filed in California, Bossland doesn’t think that any outcome will have any enforceable affect on their company.

Even worse is the fact that Blizzard recently had to pay legal costs to Bossland after losing to them in a similar battle. So while the intentions are pure, Blizzard really are fighting another uphill battle to preserve the sanctity of their latest IP.

Last Updated: July 5, 2016

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