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BlizzCon 2015: Day 0 in pictures

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The first thing I felt like doing when I got into my hotel room was, believe it or not, sleeping (yes Geoff, I was dying for a damn good nap). Thing is, my body thought it was 9pm, but it was actually just 11am in Orange County. The day was young, and in order to beat the jetlag, I had to force myself to stay awake. What better way to do that than get a feel for BlizzCon 2015 before the actual expo starts?

That’s exactly what I did. I unpacked in a hurry, grabbed my camera, and headed down to the Anaheim Convention Centre to grab the following pictures…

Yes, nothing too exciting yet – just eager fans milling about and getting some early shopping done. I’ve been told that I should value all this free space, because tomorrow, the masses will arrive in their billions (actually thousands, but I wanted to be super dramatic), and there will be barely enough room to breathe.

Heck, things are already crazy busy. On the way to fetch my media badge today for example, I passed the Blizzard store, where the queues stretched out for miles and miles (actually a few dozen metres, but again… DRAMA). I don’t even want to imagine how crazy it’s going to be tomorrow when the actual expo officially kicks off.

When it does though, I will brave the masses to bring you all the pictures… all of them. The stands, stages, cosplayers, and everything else… I want you to see it all too!

Last Updated: November 6, 2015

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