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Bloodborne Alpha Manual reveals Co-op details

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There are some lucky people of Japan who have already been invited to the Bloodborne Alpha. Thankfully, they are generous with the tidbits of information they gleaned thus far, and now I can share them with you.

These are direct translations from Japanese, so the English version might change:

  • Players can stagger enemies by hitting them with correct timing while they’re attacking, or from the rear.
  • Communication with other players is done via a gesture menu.
  • Four items are available to players during the alpha test: a “Bell of Dream Summoning,” a “Small Bell of Resonating” a “Blank Ammunition of Farewell” and “Memoir“
  • By using the Bell of Dream Summoning and Small Bell of Resonating you can play cooperatively with up to three players. The one summoning will be the host, while the others will be guests.
  • You start co-op gameplay as a host by using the Bell of Dream Summoning from your inventory menu. An effect will appear at your character’s feet.
  • When a player responding to the call is found the bell starts resonating and co-op gameplay will begin
  • You indicate that you wish to take part in co-op as a guest by using the Small Bell of Resonating in your inventory menu. An effect will appear at your character’s feet.
  • The bell will start to resonate as soon as a host is found, and you’ll be transferred to his world after a short while.
  • The effect at the player’s feet will appear only when standing still. All co-op requests can be canceled by using the appropriate item again.
  • Co-op gameplay ends (and all players will return to their own world) if any of the following conditions is met: The area boss is defeated, the host or the guest dies or connection to the host is lost.
  • The host can also shoot the Blank Ammunition of Farewell to send a guest back to his own world.
  • You can use a memoir by combining words and sentences, and place it in the ground.
  • Messages will appear for other players to read.
  • You can check the history of the memoirs you’ve left up to any point.
  • You can also check the log of all the memoirs you’ve read up to any point and their evaluation.
  • By pressing circle (X in the western version) you can read memoirs on the ground close to you.
  • You can rate the memoirs you read good or bad by pressing left or right on the D-pad while reading them.
  • Other players that are playing in the same location can appear as ghosts.
  • Graves will appear where another player has died. By pressing circle (or X in the western version) you can watch a replay of their death.

Okay, so essentially it means that you can still summon or make yourself available for summoning with the use of items. I like the idea of a bell – that resonance concept sounds appealing. There are also bloodstains and messages as we’re used to in former From Software games, just renamed and with new characteristics. However, I like that you can use special ammo to get rid of players you’ve summoned – in general co-op in Dark Souls is excellent and other players are really helpful, but at least you can get rid of those who irritate you if you need to.

Meanwhile, the controls also reveal some new information – you can change weapons on the fly and it will be a whole lot easier to gesture to your co-op companions:


  • Left Stick: movement.
  • Right Stick: camera.
  • R2: strong attack, right hand weapon.
  • R1: attack, right hand weapon.
  • L1: transformation, right hand weapon.
  • L2: attack, left hand weapon, or special attack when using a transformed weapon in two hander.
  • Circle: action.
  • Triangle: use healing item.
  • Square: use item.
  • X: Backstep.
  • R3: Lock toggle when an enemy is nearby. Reset camera with no enemy in range.
  • D-Pad Down: Item selection.
  • D-Pad Right: right hand weapon selection.
  • D-Pad Left: left hand weapon selection.
  • Options: open menu.
  • Touch pad pressure on the left: open gesture menu.
  • Touch pad pressure on the right: open inventory menu.

Special commands:

  • L1 (during an attack): weapon transformation attack.
  • Hold R2: attack charge.
  • Left stick forward + L2: jumping attack.
  • Hold X + Left Stick: Dash.
  • Dash + X: Rolling Dash.
  • X + Left Stick: Roll
  • X Left Stick (when locked on an enemy): Sidestep.

Remember, this is just what’s available for the Alpha – there will presumably be a whole lot more coming when the game hits Beta and obviously for the final release. I thoroughly enjoy the unique approach to co-op and multiplayer in the Souls games – I’m glad that they’re sticking with it for Bloodborne. Do you disagree? Were you hoping for more changes, or do these details make you happy?

Last Updated: October 1, 2014


  1. Alien Emperor Trevor

    October 1, 2014 at 15:18

    FAKE! Not enough r’s & l’s switched around to be an accurate translation. #lacist


  2. Admiral Chief 0

    October 1, 2014 at 15:28

    Heh, attacking from the rear. Zoe is such a rogue


  3. Marcel

    October 1, 2014 at 15:55

    Only 3 hours remaining before the Alpha starts!

    I was ready to play Shadow Of Mordor come this Friday and then the mail arrived yesterday saying Friday is one of the Alpha dates. Now I will have to play Bloodborne! This to me is a 1st world problem!


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