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Bloodborne release date, trailer, screens and Collector’s Edition

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Bloodborne tgs 1

After my behind closed door session for Bloodborne at Gamescom, I realized just how much of a genius Bloodborne director Hidetaka Miyazaki is. The game is going to be insane, not just for Dark Souls fans, but for newcomers, too. Tokyo Game Show dropped a whole bunch of new info for all of our enjoyment.

First things first, Bloodborne will be coming Friday, 6 February 2015. Weird release day of the week – it’s not following our usual North American and EU timings, but it works for me; now I know what to get my husband for Valentine’s Day. Here is the all new trailer:

I love the grotesquely beautiful aesthetic that From Software achieves and the vaguely steam punk/Victorian design works perfectly. The game looks absolutely terrifying; I have a feeling I will become even more despondent (in a good way) from this game than I did from Dark Souls 2. It’s just so… dark.

The US version of the PlayStation Blog has also announced the Bloodborne Collector’s Edition, although it’s not nearly as impressive as I’d have hoped. Yes, I love a steel book, art book and the soundtrack, but it just doesn’t seem like a Collector’s Edition to me without a figurine. C’mon From Software, give me a horribly terrifying figurine for my collection.

Bloodborne CE

Are you excited for the latest terrifying creation? Are you prepared to die? Here are some more screens to make your eyeballs happy; the enemy designs are always so incredible. They get more and more twisted as you descend into the game – I can’t wait to see all the horrors.

Last Updated: September 18, 2014

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