Bloodborne trailer features co-op boss battles

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Bloodborne tgs 1

Bloodborne is the latest and greatest game to come out of From Software. It is promising to kill you as much as the Souls games have, but is also taking the grotesque design to a whole new level. While everyone at the Golden Joystick awards was drooling over the Witcher 3 opening cinematic, Bloodborne fans also go something to be excited about.

Here is the new trailer that will make you want to call a friend:

For those without YouTube access, you can view the video here.

What I find so impressive is that I’ll bet this trailer was captured with in-game footage. It is looking so slick and clear, I’m seriously impressed with what From Software has done with the game on PS4. It is going to be a gorgeously grotesque game, filled with larger than life nightmarish monsters and epic boss battles. As shown off in the trailer, you won’t need to go alone. Carrying on with their unique approach to co-op, From Software is letting you summon other players to help you in battle. By combining your strengths, it should help make the violent and terrifying world a bit more manageable.

With rumors that Bloodborne actually takes place in the same universe as Demon Souls, as well as strange and wonderful conspiracies about the actual nature of the blood borne plague, this game appears to be chock-full of lore already. Time to start the countdown for next year – this game is moving higher and higher up the list of anticipated games. Are you ready to die?

Last Updated: October 27, 2014

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