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Bloodborne will roll into the east in February

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Fans of Dark Souls can be an annoying bunch. I have a couple of friends who constantly tell me, “It’s so rewarding! It’s just trial and error! 10/10 MUST PLAY!” Yet when we are in Teamspeak together, all I hear are screams of anguish, piles of swear words, and multiple rage quits. If you’re a sucker for punishment fan of that, I’m sure you are looking forward to Bloodborne. It has received a release date.

The date was revealed during the Sony pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference. The game will launch on PlayStation 4 next year, on February the 5th. That will be only in Japan though. There is no solid Western release date just yet.

I reached out to our very own Zoe Hawkins who got a sneak peek of the game at Gamescom, this is what she had to say:

It’s a strange Steampunk-esque type of Dark/Demons Souls. It will crush my will, and I can’t wait!

She also did an article a while back , insisting that the game will make you regain your will to fight. Here’s the demo from Gamescom.

While we may or may not be getting the game in February, that month is already packed with other releases. Will it affect it’s overall sales in Japan? Only time will tell. Until then, you can all go back to crying mercilessly playing Dark or Demon’s Souls.

Are you excited for this? Personally, I have zero interest, but I haven’t tried any Souls games, making my opinion pretty darn useless. Is it something that I should be playing?

Last Updated: September 1, 2014

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