Bloodstained is the most funded video game in Kickstarter history

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Bloodstained is a title to get most of us excited. A spiritual successor to Castlevania, it promises the kind of gameplay that studios were convinced gamers didn’t want anymore. Koji Igarashi disagreed and decided to get some sponsors together to make the game he knew gamers wanted. He then took to Kickstarter to prove to those sponsors just how popular this game could be. I doubt even he could have predicted the response.

In all of Kickstarter gaming, only two projects have grabbed more money, the OUYA and Exploding Kittens (which should be delivered to me in the next month or so, by the way). With a day left to go, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has raised $4 457 750. Considering its original goal of $500 000, it’s now at 891% funded. Let me put this in a bit of context; here are some other well funded projects on the list:

  • Project Eternity = $3 986 929 (362% funded)
  • Mighty No. 9 = $3 845 170 (427% funded)
  • Double Fine Adventure = $3 336 371 (834% funded)
  • Elite: Dangerous = £1,578,316 (126% funded)
  • Oculus Rift = $2 437 429 (974% funded)

It sort of boggles the mind how much money these games have raised, and I’m particularly excited about Bloodstained. It looks like it will be an impressive game; I’m so excited to see how it progresses and how the immense Kickstarter backing will affect Igarashi’s relationship with his sponsors. Certainly gives him a lot more clout, I would imagine.

I know Kickstarter is extremely flawed in many ways, but it gives me hope for our industry in a strange sense. At least I know that if a game genre shouldn’t die, and developers believe in it, there’s a place for them to go to prove studios wrong. Beyond helping Bloodstained get made, hopefully this campaign proves to publishers that this genre is still desirable. Much like how indie horror games impacted studios decision to bring out some wonderful titles recently, perhaps this will prove that they’re wrong about what consumers want, sometimes.

Last Updated: June 12, 2015

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