Blu-Ray? pfft how about DNA storage

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image So you think Blu-Ray has won the war or that HVD is the next big thing?

Well some student from the university of Riverside have an entirely new idea.

Basically as they put it

The human genome consists of the equivalent of approximately 750 megabytes of data

Which isn’t much compared to Blu-Ray or HVD, however that 750 is only taking up 3% of the space available to store data in our humane genomes…

So in essence we could walk into our local Incredible Connection, stick our finger in a machine and have a game written into our body. We then get home and plug ourselves into the console to download the game.

Trading may be a problem however 🙂

UCR: UCR’s Researchers Discover New Way to Store Information Via DNA

Last Updated: February 23, 2008

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