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Blu-Ray sales tank since winning the war

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Who wants Blu-Ray

After Blu-Ray won the war it seemed to become quite fashionable to get on the Blu-Ray won’t become mainstream bandwagon. Luckily for me I have the archives that can be scanned to see that I have always thought the HD revolution isn’t going to happen until late 2009 at the earliest.

Anyway back to the point at hand, Sony came out earlier this month to announce the sales figures for Blu-Ray discs and they are not pretty. After announcing it had sold over 5 million PS3’s I would have thought that every PS3 owner would have at least 1 Blu-Ray movie in their collection, hell a whole bunch of PS3’s were bundled with movies at one time.

So how many Blu-Ray discs were sold in Europe up until the 1st of May 2008?

3.3 millions discs have sold to date with 1.4 million of those this quarter”,

Now I may not be the best at mathematics but that equates to less than 1 per console, which means that the vast majority of PS3 owners in Europe don’t have a Blu-Ray movie to play on their PS3’s…

Why do you think this is? Are they to expensive? Are their not enough of them? Do most people just not care about them?

Honestly I think it’s the latter, while the more hardcore movie fans see a huge difference the mainstream man still doesn’t understand or care to understand what the difference is.

HD will become a reality soon enough but will our movies be arriving on Blu-Rays or flash discs or online? That is still to be seen, what is telling though is that stand alone Blu-ray players sales dropped 40% after the hollow victory against HD-DVD and then only increase 2% the following month…. Has someone been fudging the figures?

Blu-ray sales less than disc one per player

Last Updated: May 9, 2008

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